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Dexter’s Restaurants


Services: Design/Coding/SEO/Marketing/Hosting/Maintenance

Five sites for Dexter's.

Contacts: Adrian Mann, Dexter Richardson
Here is a nice letter we received from Dexter’s.

What we did/do for Dexter's:

Dexter’s needed brand new websites that would encompass the identity of each location they have. We created four websites from the ground up using the same look and feel and then branded each site to it’s location. Each of the four location websites have different menus and specials can differ as well. Live entertainment schedules are always different from location to location. Dexter’s now ranks #1 for desired phrases in all four locations as well.

Hannibal Square Association


Services: Design/Coding/SEO/Marketing/Concept

Contact: Adrian Mann, (repeat business - new site)

What we did/do for Hannibal Square Business Association:

Hannibal Square Association, the business association in Winter Park, needed a new website. We developed an entirely new website, with built in 'On-Site' SEO. The SEO of this website has a great effect on every business listing of the website. Tags were setup and key-phrases were built into areas of this site that will keep these listings alive in the organic results of Google and other engines for a very long time. Used advanced PHP/MySQL programming and scripting, adding multiple dynamic features to the site. Here are just a few of them.

  • Ability to add new business listings.
  • Recurring billing for association members.
  • E commerce is available for any member to sell directly from a business listing page.
  • Business reviews
  • Management of reviews.
  • Integrated social media for each business.
  • Ability to add and manage events.
  • Ability to offer paid advertising and paid event listings
  • Much more.

Green Acre Aquaponics


Services: SEO/Marketing/Hosting/Maintenance/E-Commerce

Contact: Gina Cavaliero -

What we did/do for Green Acre Aquaponics:

Within 30 days we got this domain ranked in the top 5 for every key-phrase agreed on with this client. It’s now in the #1 position for three main key-phrases. We also handle a few other domains for Gina. Find out more information on the next site listed below.


The Aquaponic Farming Course


Services: Design/Coding/SEO/Marketing/Hosting/Maintenance/E-Commerce

Contact: Gina Cavaliero - (repeat business - new site)

What we did/do for The Aquaponic Farming Course:

When Gina asked us to assist her with a new website, we knew it needed to be fantastic. She has a great business that gives back. We worked closely with her graphic designer and together, we created a great looking, highly functional website. Features include e-commerce, classroom scheduling, event scheduling, curriculum and more.

Closet Envee

Services: Design/Coding/SEO/Marketing/Hosting/Maintenance/Concept/

Contact: Richard Turner

What we did/do for Closet Envee:

Complete web development and design. Creation of fully responsive mobile version. Automated 301 redirect system. On-Page SEO, creation in internal links connector script code in PHP. This client came to us after a bad experience at We left his site live at, created a new one at and purposely competed with the site and SEO. We beat them in less then a month. Now on the first page of Google results for desired key-phrases and climbing steadily.

Seabreeze Pool Services

Services: Design/Coding/SEO/Marketing/Hosting/Maintenance/

Contact: Sean Flannagan

What we did/do for Seabreeze Pool Services:

They stay busy as a direct result of our local SEO services. We created numerous location pages to attract new customers in these locations. We optimized these location pages using advanced 'On-Site' techniques, that have boosted these locations into the top three Google listings for each location around the Central Florida area. Ranked in the top positions for Orlando and the surrounding area cities.

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