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Align your goals with the goals of major search engines. Play by the rules and focus on long term success.

We don't sell you a laundry list of features that you can't verify or track. That is a clear indicator of a bad SEO firm.

Our approach to SEO is straight forward. On-Page optimization is the key to long term success. If your previous or current SEO firm has not made substantial edits to almost every page of your website, you should demand a refund right now. Now let's talk about what needs to be done, and how much it's going to cost. We take a number of things into consideration before determining the initial investment cost necessary to achieve the clients goals. Here are a few of them:

  • Source Code
  • Keywords
  • Competition
  • Credibility

Every new account requires source code editing on almost every page of the website. Existing file names and structures are usually changed and properly redirected. Often new pages must be created. Many supporting files must be created, coded and submitted. An initial investment is required before this work is done. As long as the domain is not under penalty, the results of our work is evident within a few weeks. Monthly rates are also determined on a case by case basis. Our initial success solidifies the relationship with the client. No contracts are ever needed. Our retention rate was 98% last year.

On-Page SEO is highly technical and is best left to experienced professionals with a complete understanding of Internet Hosting Technology. Great SEO begins at the user account level of Apache and other web server software.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, this is the key to long term success for any business that depemds on the Internet market. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Our goal with this project is to dominate the Google organic search engine results for the most searched key-phrases related to any and all of the products and services offered by your company.

In order to accomplish said goal, we must first work to facilitate a 100% Googlebot indexing as well as a 100% Googlebot crawl rate for each professionally optimized and prepared webpage on your site

In order to optimize these pages, we must first research and then analyze information gathered from our research. From this information we select the most valuable key-phrases for use on individual webpages.

During the optimization stage, we focus on key areas of the webpages that Googlebot regards as signaling areas. These signaling areas are used to communicate the key-phrases we would like Googlebot to index that particular page for. We add the key-phrases to these signaling areas using a method that provides the most chance for acceptance by Googlebot. The signaling areas include but are not limited to the following webpage source code elements:
Uniform Resource Locators (URL's/Filenames)
Title Tags
Meta Content Description Tags
Meta Keyword Tags (Google might decide to start using them again.)
Header Tags
Bold Tags
Emphasis Tags
HREF Tags (hyperlinks)
and content within the Body Tags.

Progress of the webpage optimization described above can be viewed in real time as the work is in progress since we will be working on live webpages.

A weekly report will also be available to you with a complete breakdown of every page that was optimized and any special notes for individual pages when necessary.

Initially, adding these optimized webpages into Google's search engine and getting them ranked can be broken into three verifiable stages.

1. Indexing by Google
2. Crawling by Google
3. Placement/Ranking by Google

Reports of the three stages:

Indexing: The number of webpages indexed by Googlebot along with the dates they were indexed. Any errors that were incurred.

Crawling: The number of webpages that were crawled by Googlebot along with the dates they were crawled.

Placement/Ranking - Individual Key-phrase ranking for every key-phrase we use, along with a complete day to day history of it's ranking, as well as an optimization verification record for every page of the website, will be available on demand via our online Optimization Verification and Report Card interface on our website.

In addition there are a number of tasks that we are responsible for. These tasks include things such as proper Google Webmasters Tools testing and submissions. Integration of Google WMT's and Google Analytics with the Optimization Verification and Report Card interface on our website.


Search Engine Optimization Plan for Success

Our work starts long before the search engines index your website. We've been getting to know your business, analyzing your website, editing content and source code on your website, observing past traffic patterns, and selecting the perfect keywords and phrases. We have been implementing the on-page source code signals that the search engine algorithms are looking for. At the very first visit from the search engines, your website is ready with a comprehensive set of key-phrases selected specifically to bring the right customer to your website linked directly from organic search results.


Our strategy is simple, work harder than anyone else, to the point where your competitor thinks "why even bother? that site dominates everything" and then they simply give up in defeat.

-SEO Staff, SEO Consultants

Organic Search Engine Optimization - Organic SEO

Our technology helps customers get located on the search engines. We focus on Organic results. The ones that appear below the ads in most search engines. We believe that 'Pay Per Click' advertising has it's place, but should never try to replace your organic search campaign. Many people think they can't compete with PPC and that's simply not the case.

If your website needs national exposure, local exposure or a combination of both, we compete with the best in the business.

Our own organic results show us listed as #1 in the Google search engine results for almost every related key phrase in our industry for three major cities. We have held this title for three years. We also list in the top 5 on a national level. As you can imagine, the SEO industry is one of the most competitive SEO industries on the Internet.

Since Kevin's team has taken over, our traffic continues to increase on a monthly basis for over two years now. We have been and remain on top of the search engine results for all three of our locations.

-Adrian Mann, Dexters Restaurant's

Your Long Term SEO Success is Our Goal

No shortcuts, no way. We are in for the long haul. That is why we align our goals with those of Google and other Search Engines. By focusing on the fundamentals, we have managed to beat the competitors in our own industry and many, many others. Marketing is a fast-moving industry. If you didn't read the text at the bottom of our homepage, you should pull it up and read it. It outlines the reasons and ethics that drive our strategy and success. As others in this industry come and go, you can rest assured that we are working for your long term Internet success.

Our strength comes from our ability to work as a team. 

Our SEO team works directly with our clients to meet the challanges of mobile and online search engine results positioning.

Internet Marketing Team