We Are True Internet Pioneers


We are a well rounded team, experienced in every aspect of the Internet industry

Our core staff is comprised of Internet pioneers. Linux System Administrators who started when the Internet went public. When the price of a domain name was $100 and the average price of web hosting was $24.95 a month and an average website would fit on a 1.5MB floppy disc.

Since 1995, we have created, hosted and optimized websites for thousands of businesses.

  • 1995We began as NetStar. One the first privately owned web hosting providers in the world.2003
  • 1998Netstar rebrands as Digital Networks and expands it hosting offer to resellers.
  • 2001Digital Networks sells it's 10,000 hosting clients.2004
  • 2002Digital Networks begins to focus on web development and seo for e-commerce.2004
  • 2003Digital Networks creates Orlando SEO Consultants expanding it's SEO offering.2004
  • 2004We began partnerships with select clients for a % of online sales
  • 2005We get national attention as we partner with HVAC company2005
  • 2006We created and released our first mobile app
  • 2007Wordpress goes mainstream as we split from Mambo2007
  • 2008 60 plugins created for Wordpress including SEO Boosy2008
  • 2009We now dominate the local search results.2009
  • 2010 - Present #1 organically ranked SEO firm in four major cities2010

1996 – Netstar (our orginal name) becomes of the first web hosting companies in the US.

1998 – Netstar becomes Digital Networks and breaks the 10,000 customer mark. How did we do that so fast? Back then, there were no laws regarding unsolicited commercial email or SPAM. At this time we were sending out literally millions of emails a week promoting our web hosting business. We added thousands of customers each year. It’s now illegal to send unsolicited commercial e-mail.

2002 – Digital Networks sells it's hosting assets. The hosting industry is invaded by larger brand names and pioneer hosts moved on to other technologies.

2002 – Our core staff remained intact as we turned our primary focus to advanced web development and designing database driven web applications, and back-end website scripting. We created and search engine optimized hundreds of clients websites. As times changed,  our clients became more advanced and the technologies we employed to provide solutions for them became more advanced as well. We continued educating ourselves and keeping up with emerging technologies.

2003 – PHP and MySQL open source development and mission critical web server administration took the forefront.

2004 – We started creating WordPress plug-ins and Joomla extensions as more clients moved to content management systems. Pay Per Click advertising at this time was not near as expensive as it is now. Some of our common campaigns only cost us around 40 cents a click at that time. Some of the same clicks now cost upwards of $5.00 each!

2004 – 2008,  We partnered with several of our clients, providing them with e-commerce and search engine domination as we began selling big ticket retail items, HVAC equipment, heavy duty truck parts and furniture to a national audience across the Internet. We were responsible for both the marketing and logistics that supported millions of dollars in sales. Our average daily Adwords Pay Per Click spend was about $1,800.00. DAILY.

2008 – We saw a huge opportunity to assist businesses with SEO and we began to focus on something we have done for many years and we know very well, SEO.  We added a new brand, Orlando SEO Consultants, at http://seocompanyinc.com.

2013 – Orlando SEO Consultants has ventured into Tampa as well. We are now the #1 firm in both Orlando and Tampa. This is not a self appointed rating. This rank was awarded to us by Google as well as by Bing and is evidenced by simply doing a search for SEO Company Orlando or Tampa. You will find we have the top listing for every major key-phrase relative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If your looking for the #1 SEO company in Central Florida, you found us.

Over the years the one constant has always been the search engines. Since before Google was even a thought, we were optimizing our websites for search engines.

The University of Washington released WebCrawler in April of 1994. The first search engine which indexed entire pages. It became so popular that during daytime hours you couldn’t even us it because it was flooded with traffic, grinding it to a halt. AOL bought WebCrawler and ran it on their network. In 1997, Excite bought out WebCrawler, and AOL began using Excite to power AOL’s NetFind. WebCrawler opened the door and others soon followed. A year after that came Lycos, Infoseek, and OpenText. Then there was AltaVista and AskJeeves. Then in 1999 AllTheWeb came along and was quickly absorbed by Overture who was eventually bought out by Yahoo. They still keep the domain name: http://AllTheWeb.com and point it to Yahoo.

Over the years there were too many other search engines to name, and we optimized websites for all of them. The Internet, just like our society will always evolve. It will change and unless you are ready for it, it will move forward without you.

Surround your business with experienced web developers who know the search engines intimately. A long legacy of search engines have come and gone and we optimized websites for all of them. As new search engines and Internet technologies arrive, you will be in good hands here my friend. Why? Because it’s our life, it’s what we do. It is what sustained our families and lives for 20 years and continues to do so today.

Let us share the same knowledge that has sustained us over the years with your business and your family. When it comes to our clients, there is nothing that excites us more than helping them to succeed.

Our work ethic is driven by a competitive spirit that is best described as relentless.